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Featured "Divining America" Essay:
Islam in America: From African Slaves to Malcolm X by Thomas A. Tweed

Links to Online Resources
  • Islam and Muslims in America

    A concise and user-friendly introduction to Islam that welcomes newcomers with a "Beginner's Guide" and that offers sections on Islamic beliefs and practices, current events and history, and sources of publications and educational materials.  Helpful background information for the summary of Islam in Dr. Tweed's essay.  Maintained by the Ahlul Bayt Digital Islamic Library Project, a nonprofit private Internet-based group.

    Islam, the Modern World, and the West
    A one-stop source of valuable links on Islam in the United States. Of special note are "History and Demographics of the Muslims in the United States" and "Islam's Urban Impact." From the Web site "Islam, Islamic Studies, Arabic, and Religion" of Professor Alan Godlas, Department of Religion, University of Georgia.

    Muslim Life in America
    Informational site from the U.S. State Department with sections on demographics, Muslim communities, varieties of worship, family life, the work world, and "Into the Mainstream."

    United States Muslim Community
    For more advanced resources on Islam and American Muslims, contact this site of the U.S. Muslim Community, which is "dedicated to helping both Muslims and Non-Muslims gain knowledge about the fastest growing religion in the world."

    "Owning Omar," by Ellen Barry, The Boston Phoenix, July 2-9, 1998
    On the discovery of Omar Ibn Said's long-lost autobiography in 1995—and on historians' rethinking about the extent of Muslim faith among African slaves in America (perhaps up to 10 percent).

  • African-American Islam

    African-American Islam
    Scroll to the middle of this page to access valuable links on African-American Islam, especially "Malcolm X's Letter From Mecca" and "The African-American Muslim Minority: 1776-1900." From the Web site "Islam, Islamic Studies, Arabic, and Religion" of Professor Alan Godlas listed above.

    Malcolm X: A Research Site
    A chronology of Malcolm X's life and a valuable "Webliography" of online resources, in addition to a political "study guide." From the director of the Africana Studies Program of the University of Toledo.

    Muslim American Society
    Nonprofit organization which provides current news, articles, live radio feeds, the periodical American Muslim Online, and more for American Muslims and non-Muslims.

    The Nation of Islam Online
    Official site of the Nation of Islam, offering a brief history of the NOI, its beliefs and goals, profiles of Elijah Muhammed and Louis Farrakhan, speeches of Louis Farrakhan, and the most recent edition of its newspaper, The Final Call.

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Divining America: Religion in American History

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