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Twentieth Century Pop Festival
Christian rock concert.

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0 The Foreign Missionary MovementThe Foreign Missionary Movement
This essay is located in the 19th Century section.

0 Religious Liberalism and the Modern Crisis of Faith
Help your students understand America's movement into the twentieth century, and the Progressive response to social changes, by exploring the reaction against evangelicalism.

0 The Rise of Fundamentalism
Continue your study of early-twentieth-century religious change with the reaction against the forces that created religious liberalism.

The Scopes Trial
A perennial classroom favorite. In July of 1925 Fundamentalists got their noses rubbed in the Tennessee dirt. Or did they?

0 Religion in the Civil War: The Northern SideAfrican American Christianity, Pt. II: From the Civil War to the Great Migration, 1865-1920
This essay is located in the 19th Century section.

Marcus Garvey and the Universal Negro Improvement Assoc.
When you explore the civil rights movement, take a look at this precursor who blended religion, economics, and politics into a message of black liberation.
Roman Catholics and the American Mainstream in the Twentieth Century
These days you may talk a lot about American identity in your classes. The experience of American Catholics in this century illustrates the triumph of assimilation and the continuing struggle to find a place here.

0 The American Jewish Experience: Antisemitism and Assimilation
Continue the story of European Jewish immigrants as they forge their identity as Americans in the twentieth century.

0 Islam in America: From African Slaves to Malcolm X
Islam, with roots deep in our history, is now the second largest faith in this country after Christianity. A consideration of the Islamic presence in America provides new perspectives on topics you teach—
slavery, immigration, urbanization, race, and religion.

0 Religion in Post-World War II America
If you get this far in your course, you might want to give your students some flavor of the religious diversity in America at century's end as spiritual seekers, "foreign" religions, and battles over religion in the public square become more common.

0 The Christian Right
Guide your students to a balanced overview of the Christian Right—its historical background, its social worldview, and its political goals and leadership since the 1970s.

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Seventeenth and Eighteenth CenturiesNineteenth Century
Divining America: Religion in American History

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