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Nineteenth Century Camp Meeting
A typical camp meeting of the nineteenth century. Courtesy North Carolina State Archives.

19th-Century Links
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0 The Foreign Missionary MovementThe Foreign Missionary Movement
Learn how American Christians extended their missionary efforts from home missions in the western and southern United States to foreign missions in Asia, Oceania, Africa, and South America.

0 The American Jewish Experience: Immigration and Acculturation
The history of American Jews began long before Ellis Island.

0 Mormonism and the American Mainstream
Help your students see how the early history of Mormonism reflects the social conditions of mainstream America in the 1800s, and how the Mormons, like the Shakers and the Amish, set themselves up as a people apart from the mainstream.

0 Evangelicalism, Revivalism, and the Second Great Awakening
Show your students what came after the Puritans.

0 Evangelicalism as a Social Movement
Enrich your discussion of Jacksonian democracy by exploring its religious counterpart.

0 Religion in the Civil War: The Northern Side
Northern Protestants saw Union victory as critical to realizing America's God-given role in the world.

0 African American Christianity, Pt. I: To the Civil WarAfrican American Christianity, Pt. I: To the
Civil War

Introduce your students to the multifaceted nature of African American religion in the 250 years between the arrival of Africans in North America and the emancipation of the slaves after the Civil War.

0 African American Christianity, Pt. II: From the Civil War to the Great Migration, 1865-1920
Continue your study of African American religion as it evolved in the decades after emancipation, becoming more differentiated into the 20th century.

0 Roman Catholics and Immigration in Nineteenth-Century America
The experience of Catholic newcomers provides a window on immigration in the nineteenth century. Millions arrived. Why did they come? Why did the country take them? How were they received?

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Divining America: Religion in American History

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