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Featured "Divining America" Essay:
 The American Jewish Experience by Jonathan D. Sarna and Jonathan Golden

Links to Online Resources

From Haven to Home: 350 Years of Jewish Life in America
Wide-ranging exhibition from the Library of Congress with hundreds of documents in its collections.

The National Museum of American Jewish History
Valuable teaching site with virtual exhibitions that are geared to the general audience, perusable in ten minutes, image-filled with web-friendly text, and supplemented with a side-by-side timetable of American history/American Jewish history/world Jewish history at

Jewish Women's Archive
Rich site that offers changing online exhibits that profile American Jewish women's lives, incorporating them in broad time capsules of the eras in which the women lived (spanning 1791 to 1992) with many images, primary sources, and background resources. An example of fine Web page design for educational sites.

Jewish-American History on the Web
An abundance of articles, primary sources, photographs, and web resources is available on this site, especially in the largest collection, "Jews in the Civil War." One item is Isaac Leeser's "On Persecution" (1863) from The Occident and American Jewish Advocate, the periodical discussed in this essay.

American Jewish Historical Society
In addition to many links to societies, museums, and university departments in American Jewish history, this site offers short chapters on notable figures from the 1700s and 1800s and includes a facsimile of Emma Lazarus's original manuscript for "The New Colossus," the poem inscribed on the base of the Statue of Liberty.

Builders of America: The Jewish Heritage
Two sections of this traveling exhibition are reproduced on this site (with more to come), providing a thorough overview of American Jewish history to 1791. From the Judaica Collections of Florida State University.

Judaism in America
Highly readable lecture from Dr. Terry Matthews for his course "Religious Life in the United States" at Wake Forest University (NC).

Southwest Jewish Archives from the University of Arizona
Well-organized site with an abundance of images, articles, and web resources on Jewish settlement, families, businesses, and synagogues in the American Southwest.

George Washington's reply to the Touro Synagogue letter, Rhode Island, 1790
The synogogue's original letter with Washington's reply, on the site of the Touro Synogogue.

A Child's Mezuzah
Photo and brief explanation of this traditional toy of Jewish children. From the Material History of American Religion Project of Columbia Theological Seminary.

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Divining America: Religion in American History

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