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Toolbox Library, primary resources thematically organized with notes and discussion questionsOnline Seminars, professional development seminars for history and literature teachersThe Gilded and the Gritty: America, 1870-1912
The Gilded and the Gritty: America, 1870-1912
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Topic: Memory: Civil War Memory and American Nostalgia
Toolbox Overview: The Gilded and the Gritty: America, 1870-1912
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Text 1. Winslow Homer
Text 2. Hamlin Garland
Text 3. Joel Chandler Harris
Text 4. Jane Addams
Text 5. Robert G. Ingersoll
Text 6. Re-Union and the Railroad
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Text 7. Visions of the West
Text 8. Owen Wister

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6.  Re-Union and the Railroad 
- Kansas Pacific Railway Co., Senatorial Excursion Party over the Union Pacific Railway, 1867, excerpts (PDF)
- Does not such a meeting make amends?, Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, engraving, 29 May 1869 (PDF) Discussing Art

    Re-Union and the Railroad   

Length: 9 pages total

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Transcontinental Railroad, site accompanying the PBS American Experience film, with primary resources, interactive maps, timeline, teacher's guide, and links

The Transcontinental Railroad, Flash animation of the railroad's construction and route, from BBC (series Seven Wonders of the Industrial World)

Completion of the first transcontinental railroad, 10 May 1869, from Today in History, Library of Congress

Railroad Maps, 1828-1900, digital collection from the Library of Congress

The Pacific Railway Act, overview, maps, and links
   From Primary Documents in American History,
   Library of Congress
   From Our Documents, National Archives

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Toolbox: The Gilded and the Gritty: America, 1870-1912
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