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Puritanism and Predestination

Links to online resources

America as a Religious Refuge: The Seventeenth Century
Generously illustrated with artifacts and documents from the Library of Congress, this concise history of the Puritan movement in England and America is very accessible to secondary level students. Part of the Library’s outstanding online exhibition Religion and the Founding of the American Republic.

Lectures on Puritanism
Highly readable lectures from Dr. Terry Matthews for his course “Religious Life in the United States” at Wake Forest University.

Hall of Church History: The Puritans
A good starting-off point for exploring web resources on Puritan leaders and sermons. Billed by its author as “Theology from a Bunch of Dead Guys,” this page is the work of Phillip Johnson, director of Grace to You, a Christian tape and radio ministry.

Fire and Ice: Puritan and Reformed Writings
Over one hundred writings by and about the Puritans, Scottish Divines and other Reformed authors are offered on this site—sermons, poetry, historical and biographical articles, a Puritan Quote of the Week, web links, and more.  Well maintained by a Michigan pharmacist who hopes that “many people who are intimidated by the Puritans will come to appreciate them, if they are administered in small doses.”

The Bay Psalm Book
A facsimile page from this 1641 Puritan hymnal (click on the thumbnail for a full screen image), from American Treasures of the Library of Congress.

A tithing man’s church stick
A colonial “object of the month” from the The Material History of American Religion Project of Columbia Theological Seminary. Be sure to peruse the other intriguing objects from American religious history.

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