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Patrick J. Connolly

Project Title

Newton’s Metaphysics of Substance: God, Bodies, and Minds

Resident Associate, 2023–24

Associate Professor of Philosophy, Johns Hopkins University

Patrick J. Connolly is an associate professor of philosophy at Johns Hopkins University. His research focuses on issues at the intersection of philosophy, theology, and the natural sciences in early modern Europe. He has special interests in the thought of John Locke and Isaac Newton and many of his publications have focused on questions relating to matter theory, causation, and divine agency.

After earning a PhD from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2013 he taught at Iowa State University, Lehigh University, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison before joining the faculty at Johns Hopkins University in 2023. During the 2020–21 academic year he was the recipient of a fellowship from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, which he held at Humbolt University of Berlin.

Selected Publications

  • Connolly, Patrick J. “Locke’s Theory of Demonstration and Demonstrative Morality.” Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 98 (2019): 435–51.
  • Connolly, Patrick J. “Susanna Newcome’s Cosmological Argument.” British Journal for the History of Philosophy 27 (2019): 842–59.
  • Connolly, Patrick J. “Locke and the Methodology of Newton’s Principia.” Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie 100 (2018): 311–35.
  • Connolly, Patrick J. “Locke and the Laws of Nature.” Philosophical Studies 172 (2015): 2551–64.
  • Connolly, Patrick J. “Newton and God’s Sensorium.” Intellectual History Review 24 (2014): 185–201.
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