Eric Legette, 2022–23 - National Humanities Center

Eric Legette

Project Title

Reclaiming the Classroom-Post Pandemic/Educational Leadership

Resident Associate, 2022–23

Independent Scholar

Eric Legette is founder of Nurturing Leadership, Inc. He has an MA in Teaching/Learning and Leadership with an emphasis in leadership. As an educator, his leadership style has led students to perform well academically on mandated state examinations.

Selected Publications

Classroom Management

  • Legette, Eric. Joel Smith: The Humble Genius. SI: s.n., 2020.
  • Legette, Eric. Classroom Management: When Class Rules No Longer Work. SI: s.n., 2018.
  • Legette, Eric. I Won in Family Court: So Can You! SI: s.n., 2016.
  • Legette, Eric. Websites Teaching Children the Basics in Education: For Elementary School Students/Teachers/Parents. SI: s.n., 2016.
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