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The First Great Awakening

Links to online resources:

The Emergence of American Evangelicalism: The Great Awakening
Generously illustrated with artifacts and documents from the Library of Congress, this overview of the major evangelical preachers and sects is very accessible to secondary level students. Part three of the section “Religion in Eighteenth-Century America” in the Library’s outstanding online exhibition Religion and the Founding of the American Republic.

The Great Awakening
Highly readable lecture from Dr. Terry Matthews for his course “Religious Life in the United States” at Wake Forest University (NC).

The Jonathan Edwards Center at Yale University
An extensive Jonathan Edwards searchable site directed by Harry S. Stout. Thousands of short texts by Edwards on widely varying subjects. Hundreds of sermons preached by Edwards. Database is searchable by theme. Many teaching and research tools as well.

Sermons of George Whitefield
Complete text of 59 sermons, from Christian Classics Ethereal Library (Calvin College).


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