National Humanities Center Welcomes Three New Staff Members

National Humanities Center

The National Humanities Center is pleased to announce the addition of three new members to its staff: Olympia Friday, Lynn Miller, and Julie Ungaro. “Olympia, Lynn, and Julie are not only seasoned professionals but warm and interesting people whose skills and knowledge are certain to make the Center an even stronger institution,” said Robert Newman, President and Director of the Center.

Blake Wilson: “Poetry and Music in Early Modern Italy”

While we often think of Renaissance-era Florence and the surrounding area as brimming with intellectual inquiry, artistic genius, and political intrigue, music and poetry were also important elements of life and to the Studia Humanitatis, the core of early modern education. In this podcast, Fellow Blake Wilson, professor of music at Dickinson College discusses his current project exploring the music and oral performance traditions of the late Middle Ages and Renaissance — how it was composed and performed as well as its relationship to other art forms in creating the rich civic and cultural life of the Renaissance.

National Humanities Center Names Fellows for 2017-18

The Center announces the appointment of 34 Fellows for the academic year 2017-18. These leading scholars will come from 14 states, Greece, Turkey, and the United Kingdom. Chosen from 630 applicants, they represent humanistic scholarship in English language and literature; environmental studies; European languages and literature; history; history of science; medieval studies; music history and musicology; philosophy; religion; sociology; South Asian studies; and theater, dance, and performance studies.

Spring 2017 America in Class® Webinars to Feature Sessions on Islam in America, John F. Kennedy, the Poetry of Rita Dove, More

The National Humanities Center has announced its program of spring 2017 professional development webinars for humanities teachers covering a wide range of topics including the cultural history of Islam in America, television and the presidency of John F. Kennedy, understanding the Black Lives Matter movement in its historical context, the poetry of Pulitzer Prize winner Rita Dove, and cultivating philosophical thinking with students.

National Humanities Center to Partner with Vietnam National University to Develop Digital Learning Resources

The NHC will partner with Vietnam National University in developing digital instructional resources that allow for a deeper understanding of the American Vietnamese War. This initiative, supported by a $175,000 grant from the Fostering Innovation through Research, Science, and Technology Project for Vietnam, will bring together a team of Vietnamese and American educators, scholars, and technology experts to create digital tools that examine the political, social, cultural, economic, and historical complexities surrounding the conflict.