NHC Director Robert Newman to Speak in Asheville, NC

Robert Newman, Humanities Moments and the Heroic

Thursday, April 21 at 7:00 p.m.

Malaprop’s Bookstore & Cafe
55 Haywood Street, Asheville, NC

National Humanities Center President and Director Robert Newman will join Malaprop’s Bookstore in Asheville, NC to give a talk on “Humanities Moments and the Heroic.”

Newman will discuss the humanities’ role in a well-rounded education, their importance inside and outside the university setting, and the contributions that they make to addressing important challenges of the twenty-first century. Among the questions he will take up: Given the ever-increasing emphasis on science and technology, what role do the humanities play in helping us confront the challenges we face in our modern world — globalization, climate change, terrorism? What do the humanities contribute to our society, to the lives of each of us? How important, really, is the study of history and literature, of philosophy and classics, of music and art?