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2006-2007 Fellows and Their Projects

News Release Date: April 12, 2006

Robert M. Beachy (History, Goucher College), Gay Metropolis: Berlin and the Creation of Modern Homosexuality, 1890-1933 (Jessie Ball duPont Fellowship)

Francesca M. Bordogna (History, Northwestern University), Traveling Philosophers: The Constitution of an International Pragmatist Network, 1890-1920 (Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship)

Christopher R. Browning (History, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Remembering Survival: The Factory Slave Labor Camps of Starachowice, Poland (John P. Birkelund Fellowship)

Theodore E. Buehrer (Musicology, Kenyon College), Mary's Ideas: Mary Lou Williams' Development as a Big Band Composer (Research Triangle Foundation-Benjamin Duke Fellowship)

David Carrier (Philosophy & Art History, Case Western Reserve University), A Multicultural Art History (GlaxoSmithKline Fellowship)

J. Kameron Carter (Religion, Duke University), Du Bois, Religion, and the Black Intellectual Imagination, 1888-1935 (Lilly Endowment Fellowship)

David G. Christian (History, San Diego State University), Inner Eurasian History (Donnelley Family Fellowship)

Catherine M. Cole (Theatre, University of California, Santa Barbara), Stages of Transition: Performing South Africa's Truth Commission (John Hurford Fellowship)

Daniel W. Conway (Philosophy, Texas A&M University), Kierkegaard's Modernity (Delta Delta Delta Fellowship)

James Carter Dobbins (Religion, Oberlin College), Religious Meanings in Japanese Buddhist Art (Luce Foundation-Henry Luce Fellowship)

Dexter Edge (Musicology, Independent Scholar), The Genesis of Mozart's "Le nozze di Figaro" (William J. Bouwsma Fellowship)

Jaroslav T. Folda (Art History, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Crusader Art: An Introduction

Glenda E. Gilmore (History, Yale University), Defying Dixie: The First Civil Rights Movement, 1919-1949 (John Hope Franklin Fellowship)

Jan E. Goldstein (History, University of Chicago), Political Affiliations of the Flesh: The Movement of Biologistic Conceptions of the Person from Left to Right in Nineteenth-Century France (Archie K. Davis Fellowship)

Maryemma Graham (English, University of Kansas), The House Where My Soul Lives: The Life of Margaret Walker

Zsuzsanna Gulacsi (Art History, Northern Arizona University), Formation of Mediaeval Book Art in West and Central Asia (Allen W. Clowes Fellowship)

N. Katherine Hayles (English, University of California at Los Angeles), Virtual Bodies: Evolving Materiality in Cybernetics, Literature, and Information (ASC Fellowship)

Judson S. Herrman (Classics, Allegheny College), The New Hyperides in the Archimedes Palimpsest (Robert F. and Margaret S. Goheen Fellowship)

Sally Smith Hughes (History of Science, University of California, Berkeley), Genetically Determined: Genentech and the Rise of Commercial Biotechnology (NEH Fellowship)

Randal M. Jelks (History, Calvin College), Benjamin Elijah Mays, a Religious Rebel in the Jim Crow South: An Intellectual Biography (Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship)

Sean P. Keilen (English, University of Pennsylvania), The Classical Tradition in English Literature: The Friendship of the Ancients and the Moderns (Carl and Lily Pforzheimer Foundation Fellowship)

Alice Kessler-Harris (History, Columbia University), A Biography of Lillian Hellman (William C. and Ida Friday Fellowship)

Benedict F. Kiernan (History, Yale University), The Vietnam War in Vietnamese History, 211 BCE to 2005 (Horace W. Goldsmith Fellowship)

Mi Gyung Kim (History of Science, North Carolina State University), The Aerial Theater: Balloons and the Public in Pre-Revolutionary France (Fellows' Fellowship)

Sheryl T. Kroen (History, University of Florida), The Marshall Plan: A Cultural History (ACLS Burkhardt Fellowship)

Sukjae Lee (Philosophy, Ohio State University), The Untimely Modern: Leibniz and His Rehabilitation of Formal and Final Causes (Research Triangle Foundation-Josephus Daniels Fellowship)

Jann C. Pasler (Musicology, University of California, San Diego), Music, Race, and Colonialism in Fin-de-siècle France (Frank H. Kenan Fellowship)

Frederick Stephen Paxton (History, Connecticut College), Sickness, Death and Dying in Early Medieval Europe (NEH Fellowship)

Connie Rosati (Philosophy, University of Arizona), Personal Good (John E. Sawyer Fellowship)

Alexander Rosenberg (Philosophy, Duke University), Human Singularity (ASC Fellowship)

William H. Sewell (Political Science & History, University of Chicago), Eighteenth-Century Capitalism and the Cultural Origins of the French Revolution (Florence Gould Foundation Fellowship)

Sarah D. Shields (History, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Fezzes in the River: Creating and Contesting Identities in Alexandretta (Delta Delta Delta Fellowship)

Fiona Somerset (English, Duke University), Feeling Like Saints: Lollard Affect and the Contestation of Holiness, 1370-1550 (Duke Endowment Fellowship)

Winnifred F. Sullivan (Law & Religion, State University of New York at Buffalo), Comparing Religions, Legally (Lilly Endowment Fellowship)

James H. Sweet (History, University of Wisconsin, Madison), Domingos Álvares and the African-Atlantic Diaspora, 1710-1750 (Research Triangle Foundation-Walter Hines Page Fellowship)

Talbot Jones Taylor (English & Linguistics, College of William and Mary), Agency, Reflexivity, and the Problem of Linguistic Order (Delmas Foundation Fellowship)

Joseph S. Viscomi (English, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), In the Caves of Heaven and Hell (John Medlin, Jr. Fellowship)

Di Wang (History, Texas A&M University), Public Life under Socialism: Teahouses in Revolutionary and Reformist Chengdu, 1950-2000 (NEH Fellowship)

Rachel J. Weil (History, Cornell University), A Plague of Informers: Liberty, Credibility and National Security after the English Revolution of 1688 (NEH Fellowship)

Nancy Yousef (English, City University of New York, Baruch College), Intimacy: Sympathetic Endeavor in Ethics, Narrative, and Psychoanalysis (NEH Fellowship)

Statistics, Class of 2006-2007

Number of Fellows: 40

Gender: Male, 19; Female, 21

Ages: 30-39, 12; 40-49, 12; 50-59, 11; 60-69, 5

Rank: Assistant Professor, 5; Associate Professor, 20; Professor, 14; Lecturer, 1

Disciplines: 12
Art History (2), Classics (1), English (6), English & Linguistics (1), History (15), History of Science (2), Law & Religion (1), Musicology (3), Philosophy (4), Philosophy & Art History (1), Political Science & History (1), Religion (2), Theatre (1)

Geographic Representation
United States (40 scholars from 16 states):
Arizona (2), California (5), Connecticut (3), Florida (1), Illinois (4), Kansas (1), Maryland (1), Massachusetts (1), Michigan (1), New York (3), North Carolina (8), Ohio (4), Pennsylvania (2), Texas (2), Virginia (1), Wisconsin (1)

Institutions (31):
Allegheny College (1), Calvin College (1), Case Western Reserve University (1), City University of New York, Baruch College (1), College of William and Mary (1), Columbia University (1), Connecticut College (1), Cornell University (1), Duke University (3), Goucher College (1), Kenyon College (1), North Carolina State University (1), Northern Arizona University (1), Northwestern University (1), Oberlin College (1), Ohio State University (1), San Diego State University (1), State University of New York, Buffalo (1), Texas A&M University (2), University of Arizona (1), University of California, Berkeley (1), University of California, Los Angeles (1), University of California, San Diego (1), University of California, Santa Barbara (1), University of Chicago (2), University of Florida (1), University of Kansas (1), University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (4), University of Pennsylvania (1), University of Wisconsin, Madison (1), Yale University (2), Unaffiliated (1)

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