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Fellows and Their Projects, 2008-2009

Daina Ramey Berry (History, Michigan State University), Appraised, Bartered, and Sold: The Value of Human Chattels, 1790-1865

Colin P. Bird (Politics, University of Virginia), Communities of Respect (NEH Fellowship)

Nicolas Jan Bock (Art History, University of Lausanne), About Titles (Allen W. Clowes Fellowship)

Jessica C. Brantley (English, Yale University), Medieval Ways of Seeing: Image, Text, Artifact (Benjamin N. Duke Fellowship of the Research Triangle Foundation)

Trevor G. Burnard (History, University of Warwick), Tropical Transformations: St. Domingue, Jamaica and the Making of Racial Order (Archie K. Davis Fellowship)

Carol Clover (Film Studies, Rhetoric, and Scandinavian, University of California, Berkeley), The People's Plot: Trials, Movies, and the Adversarial Imagination (GlaxoSmithKline Fellowship)

Gary L. Comstock (Philosophy, North Carolina State University), Singularity and Superiority (ASC Fellowship)

Francisca de Haan (Gender Studies, Central European University), Cold War in the International Women's Movement (John E. Sawyer Fellowship)

Florence W. Dore (English, Kent State University), Not Knowing: Racial Equality and Forms of Privacy in Southern Modernism (NEH Fellowship)

John Michael Doris (Philosophy, Washington University in St. Louis), A Natural History of the Self (ASC Fellowship)

Laurent Marc Dubois (History, Duke University), The Banjo: A Cultural History (Duke Endowment Fellowship)

Rachel Blau DuPlessis (English, Temple University), Gender Debates and Cultural Power in Twentieth-Century American Poetries

Robert S. DuPlessis (History, Swarthmore College), Atlantic Stuff: Histories of Consumption in the Early Modern South Atlantic World (William C. and Ida Friday Fellowship)

Kathleen Anne DuVal (History, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Revolution Without Rebels: The Battle of Pensacola and the War for America (Delta Delta Delta Fellowship)

J. Clayton Fant (Classics, University of Akron), Marble and the Caesars (NEH Fellowship)

Sarah B. Farmer (History, University of California, Irvine), Frenchmen into Peasants: Yearning for Country Life in Twentieth-Century France (Florence Gould Foundation Fellowship; Fellows' Fellowship)

Mary Floyd-Wilson (English, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Preternatural Passions: Occult Mentalities and the Everyday in English Renaissance Drama (John G. Medlin, Jr. Fellowship)

Thomas L. Haskell (History, Rice University), Sensibility and Moral Capital in Abolishing the Slave Trade (John P. Birkelund Fellowship)

Mikael Hörnqvist (History, Uppsala University), Prudenti: Machiavelli and Tocqueville on Liberty, Empire, and Justice (Delmas Foundation Fellowship)

Timothy W. Lenoir (New Technologies and Society, Duke University), Virtual Conflict Resolution: Turning Swords to Ploughshares (ASC Fellowship)

Nancy MacLean (History, Northwestern University), "Freedom Is the Answer": The Strange Career of School Vouchers (John Hope Franklin Fellowship)

Gregory Maertz (English, Saint John's University), House of Art: A Cultural History of Nazi Germany (NEH Fellowship)

Elizabeth C. Mansfield (Art History, University of the South), The Perfect Foil: François-André Vincent, 1746-1816 (Jessie Ball duPont Fellowship)

Paula A. Michaels (History, University of Iowa), On the Trail of Dr. Lamaze: A Transnational History of Childbirth Education, 1930-1980 (ACLS Burkhardt Fellowship)

Deborah Nord (English, Princeton University), Leaving Home: Women Writers and the Public Sphere, 1800 to the Present (M. H. Abrams Fellowship)

Philip Nord (History, Princeton University), Remaking the French State, 1930-1950 (Florence Gould Foundation Fellowship)

Stuart Douglas Olson (Classics, University of Minnesota), A New Loeb Edition of Athenaeus' "Learned Banqueters" (Carl and Lily Pforzheimer Foundation Fellowship)

Elizabeth Anne Payne (History, University of Mississippi), Shattering White Solidarity: A History of the Southern Tenant Farmers' Union (Delta Delta Delta Fellowship)

Anupama P. Rao (History and Anthropology, Barnard College, Columbia University), Caste and the Colonial City: Dalit Life and Labor in Colonial Bombay (Hurford Family Fellowship)

João José Reis (History, Federal University of Bahia), Ganhadores: Street Labor in Nineteenth-Century Bahia, Brazil (Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship)

Steven Lee Rubenstein (Anthropology, University of Liverpool), Shuar Women as Agents of Political Discourse and Practice (Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship)

David W. Sabean (History, University of California, Los Angeles), Kinship and Incest Discourse in Europe and America since the Renaissance (ASC Fellowship)

Parker MacDonald Shipton (Anthropology, Boston University), Sequence and Circumstance: Order and Violation in East Africa (Horace W. Goldsmith Fellowship)

Kathryn Starkey (German, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Word, Image, and Identity in Thomasin von Zerclaere's Book of Conduct (Horace W. Goldsmith Fellowship)

Christian Thorau (Musicology, University of Music and Performing Arts, Frankfurt), Guided Listening and the Touristic Gaze-The Emergence of 'Musical Baedekers' (William J. Bouwsma Fellowship)

Monika Truemper-Ritter (Classics, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Bathing Culture in the Ancient Greek World (Robert F. and Margaret S. Goheen Fellowship)

Richard W. Unger (History, University of British Columbia), Energy, Economy, Environment in Early Modern Europe (Donnelley Family Fellowship)

Alexander Welsh (English, Yale University), Meditations on New Comedy and Other Foolishness (Josephus Daniels Fellowship of the Research Triangle Foundation)

Michael G. Wood (English and Comparative Literature, Princeton University), Proust's Affair: Fantasies and Fictions of the Dreyfus Case (Frank H. Kenan Fellowship)

Ruth B. Yeazell (English, Yale University), A Short History and Theory of Picture Titles (Walter Hines Page Fellowship of the Research Triangle Foundation)

Tomiko Yoda (Asian Studies, Duke University), Girl Time: Gender, Media, and Postmodern Consumer Culture in Japan (Henry Luce Fellowship)

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