2016 duPont Summer Seminars

Sunday, June 12 – Friday, July 1, 2016

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The Spatial Humanities

Seminar Leader: John Corrigan
Lucius Moody Bristol Distinguished Professor of Religious Studies and Professor of History
Florida State University
National Humanities Center Fellow

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Immigration and Citizenship in the United States

Seminar Leader: Kunal M. Parker
Professor of Law and Dean’s Distinguished Scholar
The University of Miami
National Humanities Center Fellow

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About the duPont Summer Seminars

When Jessie Ball duPont established the foundation that bears her name, she stipulated that it was to focus its giving on organizations that had received contributions from her in the five years from 1960 to 1964. Among those institutions were forty-two colleges, universities, and military academies, located primarily in the South. Each places a strong emphasis on teaching.

Through years of collaboration with these schools, the Fund has come to know the special rewards that faculty derive from working closely with students. It has also come to know the challenges that such effort entails. Heavy teaching loads and administrative duties often leave little time for the intellectual renewal essential for effective performance in the classroom.

To help address this problem, the Fund in 1991 inaugurated, in conjunction with the National Humanities Center, a series of summer seminars for faculty from duPont Fund-eligible institutions. In 2015 participants will be able to choose from two seminars. These three-week residential programs are designed to give faculty the opportunity for intellectual renewal by exploring with leading scholars significant topics of interest to teachers in a variety of disciplines.

Note change in attendance policy

Every duPont-eligible school now has the opportunity to send scholars to participate in the Seminars every year. In even-numbered years priority will be given to scholars from schools on the even-year list; in odd-numbered years priority will be given to scholars from schools on the odd-year list. Places unclaimed by schools in their priority year will be made available to scholars from schools on the off-year list.